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Mee’s Japan Wish List

So Japan is officially the country I’ve written most about without actually having been there! This time Mee has teamed up with Air France to compile my wish list. The collaboration could not come at a better timing, because it’s very likely that I will finally go to Japan next spring. I know I’ve said […]

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I Reached 80 World Heritage Sites

I started my World Heritage Sites project with 40 sites, back in mid 2012. With the addition of Ephesus by the committee just weeks ago, and my boat trip in Rhodes, I finally reached 80 sites! 81 sites in fact, with also the addition of Singapore Botanical Gardens. I thought I need to write a […]

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Magna Carta at the British Library and Philadelphia

A couple of days ago I was invited for an evening at the British Library to visit their latest exhibition Magna Carta. Magna Carta is a document written in the 1215, in the ruling time of King John. Most of us might know him as the bad king who is the enemy of Robin Hood! […]

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My Egypt Travel Wish List

I’ve been wanting to go to Egypt for a while but it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m now making notes for my travel plan / wish list! As it often happens, I start my to-go destinations by using the UNESCO World Heritage list. There are currently 7 sites inscribed for Egypt as I marked on […]

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Istanbul: My Reminiscences and Things You Should Not Miss

I went to Turkey in winter last year, and interestingly some people thought it would be warm, as one of my colleagues put it “I always imagined Turkey as nice and warm.” I had to tell him that no, Turkey has winter too. In fact it could be very cold at some cities, it could […]

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Morocco: Itinerary, Tips and Tricks of Independent Traveling in The Land of The Tricksters

A few friends who knew about our plans at the end of summer would’ve been surprised, because we did not plan to go to Morocco at all. The truth is, Mr Mee had visa problem. It was caused by more than one mistake (his and mine) and they all snowballed into a catastrophe — the […]

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A Bit of Scandinavia, A Bit of the Baltics

I just came back for a short 5-day trip across Helsinki (Finland), Tallinn (Estonia), and Riga (Latvia). You can see my route above (Don’t you love map? I love map!). In fact, I already recommended this route to a couple of people since I came back. You can cross from Helsinki to Tallinn with a […]

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Safranbolu, Turkey – a UNESCO World Heritage Village

A lot of UNESCO World Heritage sites comprise major sights that are quite well known to everyone, but some of these sites are just great places to be in. One example is Safranbolu, Turkey – a small town or village, inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage in 1994, that is sort of in the middle of […]

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Funkier Site for UNESCO World Heritage Sites

As regular readers know, I’m really into UNESCO World Heritage Sites, meaning I try to include them as much as possible in my travels. So this new interactive website done by folks at piqued my interest: I’ve been playing around with it a bit, and think it’s worth sharing. The UNESCO website is […]

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Colors and Melting Ice Cream – Works of Antoni Gaudí, Barcelona

From UNESCO World Heritage Site: Seven properties built by the architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926) in or near Barcelona testify to Gaudí’s exceptional creative contribution to the development of architecture and building technology in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. These monuments represent an eclectic, as well as a very personal, style which was given […]