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Mee’s Japan Wish List

So Japan is officially the country I’ve written most about without actually having been there! This time Mee has teamed up with Air France to compile my wish list. The collaboration could not come at a better timing, because it’s very likely that I will finally go to Japan next spring. I know I’ve said […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Indonesia

A few people have asked me about traveling in Indonesia in the past, knowing that I was born and raised there, and I am always happy to oblige. I left Indonesia when I was 17, so I can’t say I have traveled the country a lot. I went on family trips around Java when I […]

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Borobudur vs Angkor Wat: Battle of the Great Temples

As a child grew up in Indonesia, I learned that Borobudur was one of the Seven Wonders of the World [1]. I always thought this as a fact. Only many years later, after I left the country and learned about more awesome things in the world, that I found out that, oh wait… most people […]