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Venice The Photogenic City – A Photo Essay

Venice could be easily the most photogenic city in the world. A friend of mine said that Venice did not look as good in real life compared to what we see in photographs. Another said that it looked decaying and old in real life. And to be fair, it is. The island city of Venice […]

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Turkey: Itinerary, Tips and Tricks

Turkey as a country had been high on my destination list ever since I arrived in Europe. Why Turkey? Rich history, amazing natural wonders, and one thing which I just found out when I traveled in the country – wonderful people. I traveled for 16 days, and interacted with dozens of people, all the while […]

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Top Off the Beaten Path Travel Destinations in Holland

This post is brought to you by Maria Kruk, an author for Very fitting for Wandering Mee, as I have written a few posts on the Netherlands before – one of my favorite countries in Europe! The exclusiveness of Holland as a major and thereby exciting tourist destination is widely justified by the number […]

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Beginner’s Guide to Indonesia

A few people have asked me about traveling in Indonesia in the past, knowing that I was born and raised there, and I am always happy to oblige. I left Indonesia when I was 17, so I can’t say I have traveled the country a lot. I went on family trips around Java when I […]