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Crash Course in The Ninja Turtles… Oops, I Mean The Great Italian Artists

Before I moved to London and arrived in Europe for the first time, my response to hearing about Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo would be “As in the Ninja Turtles?” Since then I have gotten a lot more into European art, Italian and Renaissance art, including of course the Ninja Turtles’ namesakes: namely the original […]

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The Force is Strong in Sevilla

This is Plaza de España in Sevilla, Spain. A place where they shot Naboo palace in Star Wars! I did not know this when I visited this magnificent spot, and we stumbled upon it almost by mistake. (Looking at the map of Seville and oh there’s this place called Plaza de España. We still have […]

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Beat Girl and the Scene of Indie Cinema

Last week I was invited to the private advanced screening of Beat Girl at W Hotel at Leicester Square just next to the M&M World (don’t know why I mentioned that, but I passed the hotel so many times before but never got in). After screening of the movie there was Q&A with the casts, […]