Mee in Paris

What is Wandering Mee?

Wandering Mee is travel, culture, and lifestyle blog, focusing on travel in Europe (I’m based in London), with occasional posts on travels in Australia (my home) and Asia (my roots). I currently aim to travel to most of the countries in Europe with special interest on UNESCO World Heritage sites – a pet project of mine since 2012. I’m fond of history and culture and concentrate my travels on them. I love traveling overland, and in particular by trains in Europe.

About Mee

My name is Dioni and I have been “blogging” before blogging was a thing, back when it was just personal website. I started to blog with a targeted audience in 2007 with my book blog (included in Top 10 UK Literature Blog by Cision in 2012), and I started Wandering Mee in 2012. I have experience working with various major and smaller book publishers in the UK, US, and Australia with my book blog, and travel companies, hotels, theatres, etc with my travel blog. I’ve been traveling since I started to save some money from my first job in 2006 and it is major part of my lifestyle, so this blog is here for the long haul. More about Mee here.

Interested in Working with Mee?

I accept request for commissioned post and SEO link, as long as they fit within my blog, as well as complimentary services or products in exchange for an honest write-up. Think hotels, food (love afternoon tea), travel or tech products, exhibitions, events, just try me!

I’d love to hear about press trips. My latest (and biggest) job is when I went on a Mediterranean sea voyage for 8 days with MDF Voyagewhich I enjoyed very much. I love to help promoting small companies with huge potential, or the more obscure destination places – though you’re welcome too if you’re big or famous! 🙂 I’m naturally attracted by story potentials. If I think there could be a good story in it I will take it!

Apart from this blog, I also maintain the usual social media channels on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, so I’ll be spreading pictures and stories through them too.

Why work with Mee?

  • Unlike giant blogs, my blog is still small enough to give you a lot of attention. Multiple days of press trip would easily inspire multiple blog posts and a couple of dozens instagram, facebook and twitter posts with targeted hashtags.
  • I am eager and dedicated. My stats are steadily increasing since the site’s conception. As of May 2016: site receives about 4,000 page views a month, with 2,700+ visitors from all over the world monthly. Top 3 countries are: US, UK, and Singapore. The following next 3 are: India, Australia, and Canada. I have 1400+ followers combined on my social media channels.
  • I take good pictures. When you sponsor me, you get a writer and a photographer (both Mee :). My camera is Canon DSLR 5D Mark III. My current favorite lens is 17-35mm f2.8-4.

Some companies I’ve worked with:

National Theatre British Library The TV Book Club Jack the Ripper walking tour

National Theatre, Bush Theatre, Rose Theatre Kingston, Blackshaw Theatre,
British Library, The TV Book Club,
Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage, Jack the Ripper Tour,
Penguin Random House, Peirene Press, Self Made Hero,
and many more.

A few of my most popular posts:

Turkey: Itinerary, Tips and Tricks
Thus Born the Boy Wizard: Tracing J.K. Rowling Steps in Edinburgh
How To Do Paris In 24 Hours
Border Love: Crossing the Heart of Pyrénées from Barcelona to Lourdes
A Spain Road Trip Following the Steps of an Indian Movie

My site consistently appears in the top 2 pages for Google searches: “Turkey itinerary”, “Spain road trip”, “Harry Potter in Edinburgh”, “Paris in 24 hours” (1st page).

You can contact Mee via email at for any inquiries.



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