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Pondering: Where are you from?

Where are you from? This is the trickiest question that I can get when meeting new people while moving and travelling. And I do get this question all the time! I guess mainly because it’s hard to guess where I’m from from my messed up English accent – the result of moving around. I even […]

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Prague the Fairy Tale City and How We Almost Missed It

Next leg of our Europe trip was Prague! It was the city I looked forward to the most and it met all my expectations and beyond! It is such a gorgeous city that you can just wander in aimlessly. So many pretty arts – even the little souvenirs were all so pretty, cobbled-stone streets, hidden […]

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Rich Vienna and the Travelling Empress

Continuing my Europe trip, we went by train from Munich to Vienna, which takes around 4 hours. The train itself should probably have prepared me for what was coming. I was very impressed with the Austrian train, which was probably the best train I used during my 19 day trip. It was clean and high-tech […]

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Insights into My Second Swipe of Europe This Summer

When people do a tour of Europe, I always wonder what route they take and how they get from point to point. Very rarely, if ever, did I get this information. So here I am now, sharing the result of my extensive research and the result of it. I haven’t finished writing about my country-to-country […]

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Map of my First Swipe of Europe

I found this pretty cool itinerary map builder at Travellerspoint. They also have pretty good information on each city as you build your map. Here’s the itinerary map of my first swipe of Europe last winter: Straight line indicates land ride (or in my case, train) and curvy line indicates air ride. As I mentioned […]

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Neuschwanstein, the Real Live Disney Castle

Sometimes I go somewhere with lots of ammunition ready. Lots of plans, maps, reading on the place of destination. Sometimes I just go with “we’ll see what’s there” attitude. And sometimes this works just as well. For Europe winter trip, we knew we wanted to go to Germany. But Germany is a country that is […]

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Queuing in Paris

For the second leg of our Europe winter trip we went to Paris, using Eurostar early in the morning from London. London-Paris trains takes 2.5 hours by crossing the underwater tunnel. I can tell that I will pass Paris quite often as long as I live in London, since most trains going to the midland […]

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Post Christmas 2011 in Amsterdam

I used to have a travel blog for a very short period of time. Have no idea why it didn’t last very long even though I have tons of stories and pictures. Possibly because I spent too much time on one post that it became too tiring. Will try a different style now. Brevity is […]


Europe 2011-2012

There always seems to be a good reason to start a new blog. And right now, for this one: as much as I love traveling and photography, I have not journaled or shared my photos much at all. Hence this blog is born. New year, new resolution. Share more photos. Document. Write. So post Christmas […]