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Afternoon Cream Tea at The Beaufort Hotel

Just right before the whole boat shenanigans, I happened to be invited for an afternoon tea at The Beaufort Hotel in London. I love afternoon tea. An afternoon of outing is just not right without sitting down for some tea and scone. So when this offer came up, my reaction was: YES ABSOLUTELY I WILL GO.

The Beaufort Hotel is conveniently just a stone throw away from Harrods in West London. It is tucked away within a row of white Edwardian buildings at Beaufort Gardens. Inside we were welcomed with a cozy lounge. It was nice and quiet with just one man sitting down working on his laptop. After showing us the downstairs lounge by the receptionist as an option, we decided to stay at the bright lounge – it was a sunny day after all. Our cream tea came out not long after.

afternoon tea at The Beaufort Hotel
Our afternoon tea spot and the aforementioned man with laptop
afternoon tea at The Beaufort Hotel
Our afternoon tea tray ❤

The scones came out warm with proper tea sets. For me the point of British tea is having it proper with cup, saucer, tea pot, and a small pot of milk. (Nothing upsets me more when the tea I order comes in the form of a mug and a tea bag, or horror of horrors, a plastic cup.) So I really appreciated this tray of lovely things – it even had a flower on the side 🙂

For me scones must also come with clotted cream and jam. It’s just not quite the same with butter. The scones were just the right size and I appreciated that they came up oven-warmed (a big plus point). It is said that the scones are homemade to the owner’s recipe – a nice personal touch. They were a bit on the crumbly side for my taste, but had good flavour.

Talking about the owner, the man working on his laptop did not even look up once, and we joked that he might be the owner and was “spying”. Hubby and I talked in our native language Indonesian. But one thing I learned after living outside of Indonesia for 17 years, is that though there’s a tiny tiny percentage of chance that people who don’t look Indonesians could understand the language, it is best to be on the safe side and don’t speak of horrible stuff (not that I have a problem with that).

And surprise surprise, in the middle of our tea, his wife came in, heard us talking, and talked to us in Indonesian! She said she and her husband (the man with laptop) lived in Indonesia before and they can understand the language pretty well. All the while he still didn’t look up, but SEE he understood what we’d been saying. Sneaky 🙂

afternoon tea at The Beaufort Hotel
Mee happy with afternoon tea

In my excitement to receive the offer, I did not realize that the afternoon tea was reserved just for the guests of the hotel, so I was expecting to see a kind of tea room open for public. (I was mistaken.) The afternoon tea is complimentary if you stay at the Beaufort – which is unusual for a London hotel. After we nearly finished, there were more people enjoying their cream tea at the lounge. It’s definitely a nice thing to get as free amenity for hotel guests. In fact I think all London hotels should consider doing the same, hah!

Thank you to The Beaufort Hotel for the lovely complimentary afternoon cream tea.


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