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Today I’m Guest Blogging

I was invited to guest blog at The Good Web Guide so this week I’m Blogger of the Week! Check out the front page — I am side by side diagonally with the CEO of Pottermore! And here’s the permalink if you read this post after this week.

Mee at Good Web Guide
Mee at Good Web Guide

I could write about anything, but the editor suggested a few topics related to blogging. And I thought well I could totally write about that! Some of my friends IRL would know that I sometimes try to shove off blogging tips to people who don’t have interest to blog… uuum.

I’m sure online folks understand more, so if you read this and you’ve been thinking to make that jump, check out my top tips for building a successful blog. Or two.

I could’ve written about How Blogging Changed My Life. But I’ll save that story for another day.

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